Whit his platform, Neskill, offer to customers the chance to improove theyr business, integrating in his system a poker online module personalizing whit that his own White Label. Hundreds tables and tournaments, from classic games like¬†Texas Hold’em or Omaha¬†to the newest and charming games.

  • Final users can choose and change between a wide rage of avatars everytime they want
  • Every user have a personal calendawhit all future tournament
  • Personalizable colors even for cards and chips
  • Special promotion for your gamers, spot, merchandise or cash

Charming design and cutting-edge technologies to offer to players a unique play experience. Our poker like all others product is multiplatform, reproducible from both fixed device and mobile. It supports operating system Mac, Windows and Android, whit an instant-play version, for quick sessions whitout any installation needed, multilenguage and multivalue.

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